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We enjoy a reputation as leaders in the design and execution of effective public and stakeholder consultation and engagement processes for a diverse range of problem-solving, consensus-building and collaborative-development applications. Each consultation strategy, method and tool is specifically designed or adapted to address the unique needs and circumstances of the clients, issues and target audiences at hand.
We have designed and led well more than 200 public and stakeholder consultation initiatives, entailing highly diverse methods and approaches, including:

• content analysis of media coverage and stakeholder correspondence;
• qualitative and quantitative public surveys;
• formal user needs assessments and stakeholder satisfaction reviews;
• town hall meetings and other public fora;
• targeted interviews;
• focus group sessions;
• public discussion papers;
• advisory committees, review boards, and stakeholder panels;
• face-to-face, mail-in, and web-based feedback processes; and
• facilitated consultation and negotiation processes. 

Some selected examples:

  • Multi-party stakeholder consultations on harmonized Canada-wide air quality standards

  • Public information and input processes addressing options for hospital closures and health services restructuring in a major urban region
  • Stakeholder consultations and intergovernmental negotiations on mandatory greenhouse gas emissions reporting protocols and governance arrangements

  • Cross-Canada consultations with voluntary and non-profit organizations on Canada’s national voluntary sector policies and strategies

  • Convening of a major national conference on the theme of Indian self-government and taxation powers

  • National survey of client and partner agency needs and priorities for HIV and AIDS information

  • Focus group testing of proposed strategic directions and communications messages for the government of Canada’s public service management function

  • Facilitation of stakeholder input to Canada’s position on a major global environmental treaty

  • Consultations with provincial governments on proposed reforms to youth justice legislation

  • Preparation of public discussion papers on national demographic objectives and immigration policy

  • Development of award-winning guides on public consultation and facilitation methods and their successful planning and application

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