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International Work
Taking advantage of our solid foundation in domestic policy, our global perspective on social, economic, environmental and general governance issues, and our experience with international agreements and cooperative ventures, we offer specialized internationally-focused policy services in three areas: research and analysis of comparative international approaches; facilitation of Canadian positions on international policy and program initiatives; and preparation of briefs for international clients on Canada’s domestic and international policies.
Our clients in the international policy sphere consist of: Canadian-based organizations in the government, private and voluntary sectors pursuing international objectives; foreign-based parties interested in Canadian perspectives and experiences; and international multilateral organizations working with Canadian authorities on common issues and initiatives. 

Some selected examples:

  • Strategic planning support for a Canadian-based NGO concerned with international health issues
  • Facilitation of an international forum on pollution prevention for an OECD committee
  • Organizational review of a government-funded Canadian NGO leading Canada’s involvement in micronutrient programs around the world
  • Facilitation of an international forum on approaches to civic engagement, for the UN Commission on Sustainable Development
  • Research and analysis of international approaches to the management of health and environment linkages
  • Assistance in the preparation of a formal Government of Canada response to the report of a Parliamentary Committee on Canada’s circumpolar relations
  • Preparation of policy briefings and correspondence for submission to Canadian consular officials on an international legal case related to trade agreements, for a Canadian-based litigant
  • Facilitation of stakeholder input on Canada’s position on major international health and environment treaties and protocols
  • Articulation of Government of Canada interests in trilateral agreements to cooperate on energy research and development
  • Assistance in the organization of Canadian delegations to workshops in New Zealand and the Netherlands on approaches to the environmental assessment of public policies
  • Facilitation of strategic planning initiatives for both Canadian and US-based industry associations in the forest products sectors, focusing on their world product mandates and strategies
  • Assistance in the planning of Canadian trade, investment, and market access missions for Canada’s minerals and metals sectors

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