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Policy Training

Just as good cowhands should know how to ride, shoot, lasso and maybe fry beans, play a guitar or yodel, so policy and program managers, officers and analysts should have a rich array of knowledge, skills and sensitivities under their command, to be effective in public policy design, development and delivery.
To meet that need, we have developed a unique training program for the policy community:

“Principles and Techniques for Public Policy"

  • A suite of complementary small-group training sessions and instructional materials to share and hone knowledge, skills and sensitivities in the disciplines of public issues management and public policy governance. 
  • Designed and delivered by an experienced policy advisor and process facilitator who has consulted to some 250 institutions in the public, private, academic and voluntary sectors.
  • Practical insights drawn from hundreds of policy development, stakeholder consultation, and program design and evaluation assignments spanning the social, economic, environmental, health and general governance domains, including both domestic and foreign issues.

The suite of one-day intensive training sessions consists of four complementary modules that may be taken selectively or as part of a complete package, and in any order.

From COMMUNITY TO CONCERN: Principles and techniques of public survey design and stakeholder consultation: getting a handle on the needs, values, aspirations, concerns and expectations of people, communities and institutions, as the basis for responsible and responsive policy planning and program design.
From CONCERN TO CONCEPT: Principles and techniques of public issues analysis and policy options design: understanding and framing social issues and concerns in terms relevant to the roles, authorities, responsibilities and capacities of governments in contemporary democratic society and modern public administration
From CONCEPT TO CABINET: Principles and techniques of Cabinet governance and the Memorandum to Cabinet process: being pragmatic and effective in the successful planning, negotiation, preparation and presentation of policy and program proposals for Cabinet decision-making 
From CABINET TO COMMUNITY: Principles and techniques of the Treasury Board process, policy and program implementation, and evaluation: understanding the processes, requirements and key skills needed for the successful funding, launch and evaluation of public policies and programs.
For information about course content, schedule and registration, or customized training opportunities, contact:
Tel 613-238-4184


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