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    Our Consulting Work
Serving government agencies at all levels, as well as industry and professional associations, private enterprises, voluntary organizations and Aboriginal institutions, we offer a unique combination of expertise and skills in four complementary areas:
Policy: policy and program development
Strategy: strategic planning and evaluation
Facilitation: process design and group facilitation
Consultation: public and stakeholder consultation and engagement
With extensive practical experience and a solid reputation throughout the policy community, we are trusted to work very closely with our clients, providing ongoing strategic advice and support to complement their in-house knowledge and expertise. 
Our consulting projects range from the facilitation of in-house workshops and the provision of strategic advice, to the planning, design and execution of major research assignments, policy and program initiatives, and national consultation and engagement programmes.
Our Government of Canada security clearances to the SECRET level, and our intimate knowledge of senior-level, Cabinet and Parliamentary processes, enable us to provide effective support through the entire policy life-cycle, from civic outreach and engagement to Ministerial briefings and decision-making.
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