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Specially trained and highly experienced in the design and facilitation of effective group processes, and benefiting from our practical knowledge of public policy issues and processes, we offer a full range of group planning, team-building and problem-solving services.  Assignments range from workload planning and priority-setting exercises to the collective articulation of vision, mission and goals, the design of organizational models, the resolution of sensitive and complex issues, and the mapping of strategic plans and directions.  
Going beyond conventional process-oriented animation approaches, we apply what we call “informed facilitation” that emphasizes:

• proactive challenging of ideas;
• disciplined articulation of values, assumptions and rationale;
• creative exploration of alternatives;
• skilled negotiation of consensus; and
• respectful clarification of divergences.

Some selected examples:

  • Strategic planning for integrated national tax assessment and collections services

  • Think-tank reflections on ethical and justice policy issues related to genetics and privacy

  • In-house workload planning and priority-setting sessions for human resources functions of a federal operating agency dealing with pubic health and food safety
  • Assistance in the planning, development and refinement of the Government of Canada’s central policy planning and priorities coordination mechanisms

  • Negotiation of interdepartmental positions on a coordinated and cooperative federal approach to a sensitive and complex international environmental treaty

  • Facilitation of planning sessions to agree on priorities for research on Aboriginal socio-economic issues

  • Facilitation of strategic planning sessions for a national association of senior private and public sector human resources executives addressing emerging issues and challenges of common interest

  • Organization of  informal receptions to facilitate face-to-face networking among government officials and NGO representatives in various policy domains, as a complement to formal consultations and negotiations

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