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We provide a comprehensive range of policy planning and program development services, including: applied research; environmental scanning; issues analysis; policy and program design; cost/benefit analysis; strategic communications; and organizational development. Our interests and expertise span the social, economic, environmental, health, cultural, justice and general governance domains.
We have provided consulting services to virtually every major department and agency of the federal government, as well as several Royal Commissions, national task forces and advisory boards, a wide range of national associations, provincial ministries, local authorities, Aboriginal institutions and voluntary organizations. Our clients also include international organizations, either working with Canadian governments and stakeholders on common regional and global issues, or seeking to share international insights, approaches and experiences.
With an intimate understanding of government policy processes, we have prepared numerous discussion papers and decision documents on major and sensitive issues, including some 90 successful Cabinet and Treasury submissions.

Some selected examples:

  • Establishment of a national native alcohol and drug abuse program
  • Development of national population health policies and strategies focusing on health promotion and disease prevention
  • Assistance with reviews of criminal justice policies dealing with young offenders, sentencing, crime prevention, and clemency
  • Articulation of building design policies and strategic land redevelopment mechanisms for urban revitalization through federal public works
  • Revision of the community development  provisions of the National Housing Act
  • Facilitation of a multi-party accord for sustainable development in the mining and exploration development sectors
  • Articulation of national demographic and urban objectives, and related reforms to immigration policy
  • Assistance in the articulation of objectives and strategies for a national anti-terrorism strategy for Canada’s  rail and transit systems
  • Development of policies and strategies for the dissemination of national geospatial data as a public good for social and economic applications
  • Shaping of national development strategies for the emerging environmental industries sector of Canada
  • Development of guides on the federal legislative, policy and expenditure management, and Cabinet decision processes

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