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    Catherine Robinson
BA Hons Geography (Carleton University)
MA Public Administration (Carleton University)
The founder and President of Allium Consulting Group Inc. , a specialized communications consulting firm associated with Nicholson Consultants, Ms. Robinson is an expert in the planning, design and execution of public information and communication programs.She and her Allium team are frequently engaged to complement the policy and management expertise of Nicholson Consultants to provide clients with comprehensive support on major policy and program initiatives involving public outreach and communications.
Ms. Robinson has been responsible for the design, development, focus-testing and implementation of numerous communication campaigns, publications, and electronic communication initiatives, as well as the development and implementation of engagement strategies. She has served as project manager and written reports on major national studies, including: an evaluation of public and private sector initiatives in support of Canada's Food Guide to Healthy Eating and a national study on children, healthy eating and body and self-image, in which she planned, moderated and analyzed a cross-country series of focus group sessions with children and their parents.  She played a lead role in a major 18-month communications initiative in which she managed all internal and external communications for the Ottawa-Carleton Health Services Reconfiguration Project. She assisted with the development of a series of articles and publications on the Canadian Heart Health Initiative, including development of the Victoria Declaration.
Ms. Robinson was also responsible for start-up and research, writing, design and production of numerous ongoing publications, including Community Health Programs — aimed at encouraging and promoting the development of local integrated health and welfare programs among Canada's Aboriginal populations, and Health Promotion magazine, a full-colour quarterly summarizing projects, policies and resources for health education professionals. She was also responsible for overseeing the development and refinement of a course for young people on tobacco reduction.
Ms. Robinson has made major contributions to a number of projects in support of citizen and stakeholder engagement in “quality of life” issues. With Canadian Policy Research Networks (CPRN), she contributed to the development and testing of a process and products for engaging citizens in a public dialogue on Quality of Life (2000). She also helped develop, and subsequently pre-tested a process for engaging citizens in a dialogue on healthy aging, and developed a “citizen’s report card” on quality of life.  
Drawing upon her background in public administration, Ms.Robinson developed an evaluation plan and methodologies for assessing a $50 million youth employment program related to environmental protection, conservation and awareness projects for Environment Canada; conducted a review of policies and programs in support of native economic and employment development for the Ontario Native Affairs Directorate; and undertook an assessment of interest group reactions to federal options governing the practice of tax rebate discounting for Consumer and Corporate Affairs. She also carried out a needs assessment for Multiculturalism and Citizenship, and also played a key role in supporting the development of a new governance structure for management of Canada’s Parliamentary Precinct.
Ms. Robinson is an active volunteer in the community. She recently served as the developer of key communication products for the Canadian Conference on Dialogue and Deliberation (C2D2) and played a major role in developing a national resource kit to engage parents from diverse cultures in discussions about healthy sexuality and teens.She has served on at least one school council in Ottawa every year for the past 15 years — frequently as Chair or Co-Chair.

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