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We offer a broad range of management consulting services, centred on strategic planning, organizational development, and policy and program evaluation. Our approach emphasizes the application of creative thinking, disciplined logic, and artful process management, working within the frameworks of contemporary public administration and enterprise management models.  
Our strategic planning work is characterized by the application of customized approaches to unique client issues, needs and circumstances, and the active engagement of clients and their partners and stakeholders in collaborative, consensus-building processes. 
Our organizational development work emphasizes the design of effective governance structures, the articulation of strategic visions and guiding principles, and the development of practical strategic and business plans for public, private and voluntary sector clients alike.
Our policy and program evaluation work focuses on practical and well-designed methodologies that meaningfully contribute to the evolution of public policy and continuous improvement in program design and delivery.  

Some selected examples:

  • Evaluation of the public information and outreach program of a national museum
  • Comprehensive review of the national on-reserve housing program
  • Articulation of a strategic vision and plan for national meteorological services
  • A-base review of  national surveillance systems for infectious foodborne diseases
  • Strategic planning for a national non-profit education and accreditation institute serving the life insurance industry of Canada
  • Comprehensive review of the mandate and authorities of Canada’s national standards regulatory body
  • Strategic analysis of criminal justice trends and issues in Canada
  • Process review of client application protocols and procedures for a range of social security and disability benefits programs
  • Formative evaluation of the research and knowledge development element of Canada’s national literacy program
  • Development of long-term capital investment strategies for federal accommodation and special- purpose buildings programmes


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